Tips in times of pandemic

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you …

Our body is wise, asks and cries out for what it needs, it is constantly preyed upon to reject or accept stimuli, food, sensations, etc., the smell, taste and quality of what we eat is reflected in our body mood, secretions and others fluids, our hair, skin, eyes, teeth and nails are the main indicators of health or disease, well, at least the most visible.

The memory of the human body is undeniable and we always tend to evolution, perfection, the natural state of health, because we must remember that it is common for us to acquire diseases and viruses, but it is not natural for us to succumb to it due to neglecting basic care of our organs and this wonderful temple or machine called body.

I have many acquaintances and some friends who strive intensely to take care of the body and consume all kinds of foods and vitamins modified with extras and genetic variations that will disturb the natural blonde of the body, and despite their meticulous care viruses and diseases have reached them and for some of them have been fatal.

We must create balance, our body resists everything,metabolizes, filters, feels, emanates, receives, expels and is constantly renewed, deterioration and renewal are part of the same balance, aging and youth, health and disease which is equivalent to : balance and correspondence which are universal laws that apply to all human beings, that is why if we take care of our body it will take care of us,

What we think will be reflected, what we eat will be evident, what we consume daily will influence our daily lives, so let’s have good habits and respect our biological rhythms , sleep, rest, hydrate, smile, exercise, cry, celebrate, ,, anything must go with measure and with care and above all a good hygiene, we must be clean outside and inside, our skin, our hair, our clothes.

Let’s make our environment a clean, organized and toxic-free temple, an environment where harmony is breathed, let’s make our body an example of care and self-esteem, of genuine acceptance and appreciation for our health and that of the planet, with words, actions and thoughts,… let’s start with small healing changes and the body and the universe will respond accordingly.

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