Let me tell you a little about me

Short Biography

A pinch of eternity on this earth. I am a Light worker, Transpersonal Psychologist, God’s Spoiled child and an Angel’s Lover! – yes, i love Cats..

My personal life moments have always been great lessons to me, an internal pilgrimage and many experiences of a deep existential content, .

Lucecita 7 years old

As a child I grew up with very good foundations, manners, education and virtues thanks to my parents who were Educators for Children and adults, both of them humble people, hard workers, Animal & Nature lovers, with taste and talent for art, music and spirituality, ,,,

My Parents ..

No religion was imposed on me, but they taught me about Faith, discernment and my Grandmother about Universal law and metaphysics and from there it is that I have been very persistent with my prayers and heavenly deals.. … I was instilled with many values ​​and responsibility, however I have been a little rebellious, I was arrogant and incredulous of many things during my youth.

 My family is from towns with deep-rooted traditions in Antioquia(Colombia) beautiful and thriving Towns: Liborina and Salgar

La Honda - Liborina | Mapio.net
Know more about Liborina and my Father’s Home town https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liborina

La Honda and San Diego:
In its lakes, rivers, mountains and paddocks, roads and waterfalls … i went on endless adventures with my Father … Always learning…. to fish by hand, with bait (Earthworms) and with cast nets, to cross violent currents, in El Cauca river , El San Juan, and El Magdalena, and even finding the right leaf to clean your butt when the toilet is what nature offers behind a stone or a bush. .we walked without measuring the hours or distances, horse bareback riding, decoding the weather, learning the constellations and planets names and point them out in the night Sky, catching snakes and collecting their skins … and much more.

..My Father …. A Very Special Soul, He was a mathematical physicist, an expert in Agriculture, a Biology teacher, a misunderstood wise man … From eternity he continues to be my Loving Father, my Master … Our Beloved Angel.

https://youtu.be/KN5F99zjlBc Family Learning by my Cousin in the Higueron Farm. Fertilizing the coffee plantation

My Mother:

My Mother, my Light (Luz), a wonderful Professor, an exemplary citizen, a leader in all senses, a re-educational pedagogue by profession and a Teacher by vocation … Always the Working Mother, methodical, persistent, Loving and protector of the traditional family at all costs ,,, Queen of our home and my unconditional.

My Mother’s Home Town undefined   https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salgar

Salgar - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Salgar canyon

And is in Salgar where I spent the most wonderful years of my childhood … I lived in Medellín City from the age of  8 to 27 when I started to travel beyond the country limits., … I needed  to study what my parents wanted: International Business and a technical career in managerial secretariat at the same time … but finally … I decided on Psychology.

My academic experience was rich, especially since most of my learning was outside the classroom, I had excellent Psychoanalytic and Transpersonal Teachers … that together with my life experiences shaped my personality a lot, … over time other mentors and vital events have joined my existence and have contributed to create what I am now, … what has not  changed is my inner desire and my inclinations for  Middle Eastern  culture and religions , philosophy, metaphysics, humanities and other related matters, … I have been very lucky to have contact and access to very interesting people, first hand information about other cultures and religions and the opportunity to understand, practice, apply them , share them and teach them at a very young age.

Working and making money has been a major driver and motivation in my life, obviously, ..im not rich,…. I wasn’t.. but i have never been materially poor, i like constant changes, therefore i have not been in places and positions for a long time, and I actually like that because there are important variations and changes in routine, especially when going from one country to another or from one person and culture to new ones … it must be that Capricorn in me …

My Zodiac Sign

I have worked in different areas, including Politics, Beauty, Agriculture, Hospitals, Clinical Psychology, Community education, sales and arts , design and fashions, dance, shows, several projects, TV presenter, model, fitness instructor, assistant to an Arabian Princess, Married, divorced, Converted to Islam, Called by Jews and Christians, reclaimed by other worlds , widow, semi-widowed and single … etc, etc …

2013 , during my Mothers Visit to UAE, we both wemt to the Grand Mosque, and she crossing herself began to pray, Catholic prayers, I told her: Mommy, this is a Mosque they pray differently, … and she answered me: its okay, it is the same God anyway, the same faith and devotion.

Today I am Blessed to be here, for the opinion of many, for periods spellbound, some times inevitably committed I am stuck in a place far from my family, a place that I felt and believed my home, but the roots and the blood call back and with time the yearning to return to the land where you were born gets stronger …

The mind gets tired, and the soul wants to reconnect with the ancestors and constantly fights with the desire to belong, to be and to remain .. My Soul is always searching for a place or a breeze that will tirelessly whisper my name and a landscape that caresses my eyes just by looking at it.

The memories are stronger than ever,… , … The heart speaks in every beat the call of my family roots in this existence, ….The coffee plantations, the mountains and rivers of my home land call and ask to share this my soul with the seas and the sands .. My vocation of service springs from my pores and that Universal voice of primordial purpose runs with impetus through my veins … and I have no choice but to say Yes to my nature, my essence, my being.

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