Sexuality: A Spiritual Expression ..

The origins..

I remember the first time I presented my degree thesis proposal to the jury, and one of the eminent professors told me that it seemed more like for a Master’s degree, and another asked me if I knew what I was doing because if I didn’t know , that would become Imperitia.…and there were others who said that my degree thesis was a witchcraft manual
  I did not know how to react that time, but I felt within myself the need to continue and sustain my theories and proposals, which although they were not new are part of an imperishable knowledge to which I venerate and serve …

Through the years, traveling, learning, unlearning, comparing and evolving, I am still an apprentice at all levels in life, a citizen of the universe with infinite stories to tell and anecdotes to share, with countless failures, defects and mistakes but also achievements that currently make me someone very different from who I used to be at the beginning of my career as a psychologist. It was back then when i was at the University in Colombia (without any plan to live in another continent) that within myself I planned various programs that were at that time and continue being of great help to society in my home country , of which I am proud, the source of all my ideas and proposals is my personal service to humanity a Holistic project called «Medicine for the Soul» , It has led me to contribute to humankind and to all living creatures until today, and I have not stopped researching, analyzing and experiencing other cultures, societies, religions and places

With the aim of spreading knowledge and practice of perennial philosophy and continuing with my previous studies and theoretical-practical compilations about Spirituality and Sexuality;

I present as a final project for my Doctorate at Atlantic International University this proposal (revised, updated) of Psychospiritual Development for growth and transcendence of all of us, human beings, in order to help in the continuous processes of evolution and change of individuals and society.

“Sex is not considered as something apart or opposed to spirituality, on the contrary, they must complement each other, fuse to provide the organism with harmony.

In this alchemical fusion, the practice of strategies for the “improvement of the sexual life” will be left aside, at least as regards to my work: transcending from consciousness and with the assumption that you cannot teach the body what the mind does not understand. » LB

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