As above so within so without

The Spiritual Expression of Sexuality III

The key to everything is the power of the mind over matter, taking into account that if every cause produces an effect and every stimulus in most cases a response, it is therefore valid to affirm that everything that one is, causes everything that one experiences, everything that one has causes everything that one receives, so by making conscious all those parts that make up the subtle and material organism (psychic-physical) it is possible to promote real changes that generate modifications in the environment.

As it is thought, the body and the world will be (Its a reflection) .As above so below…it would be our primary objective: Generating conscious modifications at all levels of consciousness, verifiable in practice, observable and with short-term results; hopefully. At the end that does not depend on anything external but on the inner work and willingness within ourselves. Therefore as therapists we have to work on it first.

Contrary to what is commonly said: “You cannot give what you do not have”, it is feasible to do it, in fact it can be done, but the result is not satisfactory, nor the appropriate process, nor in which it grants, nor where you receive, with this one and other theories like= collective unconscious/Consciousness , folded order, morphogenetic fields and the holographic universe could be brought up, to support that anyone can access the information that is involved in the whole; However, how can something be transmitted to the other that is not fully understood by us first?, how to offer an experience without making it conscious so that it can be adequately provided? This would be due to: A greater awareness, greater responsibility, and if you receive education for psychological exercise, those who resort to this attention, hope in the depths of their being to find a light that will help them find their lamp and thus be able to turn on their own light. . .

You have the responsibility of accessing that information contained in the environment, in history, in things; on/in the other, while that other instructs himself on how to do it his own. The therapist or person who is placed on the task of transcending to other levels, whether parallel to daily life or much higher, becomes a weapon that triggers these levels in others and in the other. Remember that great emphasis has been placed on energies and their generating and transforming function.

The proposal implies a pilgrimage through two aspects considered different in western conceptions. They have already been studied separately, their union brings as a benefit a more harmonious and integrating development of human potential by bringing them together in the crucible of psychology.

Thousands of recipes, proposals, self-help healing methods and techniques are proposed daily, in order to become, cease to be, be or not be, to feel, to improve our sexuality, among others. And it is comfortable to have a manual, with the guidelines to follow and apply them constantly; but this is not the case, it is not enough to follow the steps, the instructions to the letter. The routine of everyday life dulls the individual, subtly leading him to unconsciousness.

Everything that is perceived is directly related to the mind itself; however, with time the external experience begins to solidify giving it a value of separate and dual entity, This position, in turn, crystallizes the concrete and solid vision that one has of oneself, which again reiterates the conviction that the world exists as it is seen. So you fall into a vicious cycle that prevents growth, so things need to be done to break that inertia carry out with due awareness unusual activities, or what would be the same as usual activities, which when understood really appear semi-unknown because there was no stop along the way to observe them.

: Estatua del peregrino en un lugar del camino de Santiago

Being a pilgrim of life, of one’s existence, visiting one’s temples, body, thought, fantasies, memories, sensations, fears, going through past and present actions, feelings, relationships, other beings and their surroundings, their world , to their own possessions, is the objective of a proposal aimed at finding the Spiritual Expression of Sexuality.

We are heading towards intimacy and undressing ourselves and the environment, what for? Its value lies in the combination of the mental attitude with the participation of the body in the spiritual process. Many situations are experienced when initiating such processes, not all charged with serenity or immediate solutions, but it is precisely these situations that are not very serene and rather generating crises and discomforts, which allow for openness.

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Contrary to how it is usually understood, breaking with serenity and comfort in the context of an approved consciousness awakens each cell of the body to a new perception, often much more real than the usual speculations and reflections.

texto original :La Sexualidad: Una Expresión Espiritual.. trabajo de Grado 2002-2004 UCC Facultad de Psicología

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