What do i do as a Psychologist?

What do i do as a Psychologist?

As a psychologist I have the responsibility to accompany you in your existence when you come to find me to share with me the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of your life.

Any time you ask for help , you will find my hands.
My space and my being must be the perfect place to speak with the universe, with God, with yourself, with the past, present and future, …
I am all races and religions, in my space I am multicultural and a believer in life, all beliefs are welcome, all faith, all souls ..undefined

I can be your support and help you because I have already learned to help and support myself, I learned to live with my demons and I can teach you how to make friends with yours ( You cant kill them, They don’t die).

Show you how to sow good fortune and mercies in your garden or to harvest kindness in your life and the lives of others ..undefined

This is what we do People, #psychologists are #healers. we meet you in parallel universes , we visit your world and invite you to ours, we don’t judge …….

And sometimes people call us witches, because we know a little about everything and love nature, because we see signs and messages in everything and everyone, we are connected to the universe and linked with with all beings, we find clues to existence everywhere and we are a channel of undying wisdom that never closes. ..undefined

As a psychologist I accompany you, I push you, I investigate you 🧐, annoy you , I interrogate you and I guide you, I number your tasks but I do not do them for you,

…I enjoy your steps during the process and I do not judge you by the mistakes made but help you to identify the limitations and overcome them…… that is part of the healing journey and that’s my job : helping you to heal … giving you medicine for the soul and feeding your senses ..

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