Blessed are those who work to live and do not live to work

Blessed are those who do not need to work for a living, who have the good fortune on their side … and more blessed are those who have exceeded the needs of this world and live on the plane of spiritual fulfillment, For those who enjoy what they do and keep their hopes, motivations and passion for duty intact aswell as their vocation,

Blessed are those who found brothers in their coworkers, who have sisters and mothers instead of colleagues and bosses, those who have fathers and grandparents for line managers and mentors, because those who have not had the opportunity to experience what is to have a good job, being sometimes jobless , being part of a bad or good company, to meet a bad boss or partner, does not know about life and can never compare to any experience nor recognize between hell and heaven or be accurate and truthful when talking about his professional career, 

We all have different times/stations in our lives, levels of awareness and professionalism, …we are different at all levels, but what we do have in common is the taste and delight for a good work environment, for a quiet place to be the most part of our productive lives, to be 60% happier during working days (40% is for the few hour left to our selves ) and earn according to our efforts and capabilities. 
We all have a dream place and a dream job… and Blessed are those who can find it and keep it…

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